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Once we start working together, what should I expect? 

  • First we send you over a questionairre with areas for you to fill out, which will help us understand your wedding vision and let us know all about the vendors you have already hired. If you need suggestions for any vendors, just ask! You can email, text or call us anytime with any questions at all - and we also will meet with you in person as many times as you like, provided we set an appointment two weeks in advance. You probably can't fill out the ENTIRE questionairre right away, but you will find our planning guide will really help narrow your focus on the next task at hand, and keep you on track with your planning! Everything I need to know to create your timeline and contact your vendors will be at my fingertips - and on the day of, my staff also gets a copy, so there should be no question about your decorations or asked by your vendors that we cannot answer! Seeing your venue with you and walking through together a few weeks before the wedding will further assure us both that  I have your wedding vision is fully understood. From there, we will draw out your ceremony layout and floorplan for the venue. This information is all sent to your vendors at least one week in advance of the wedding, so everyone is on the same page! If you choose the Peace of Mind package or if you add a rehearsal to the Relaxed package, we will also set the date and time for the rehearsal. On that day/evening, we will walk through the whole processional and recessional - your family and friends will understand where they should be standing and what to do when your big moment comes - the walk down the aisle! That is just what to expect from us BEFORE the wedding!

What does a Day-Of Coordinator do exactly?

  •  We get to know every detail of your wedding so that we know it as well as you do. We will even help you create a timeline for your event so that nothing is missed. Once your day arrives, we take care of everything – greet your wedding professionals, oversee set up ensuring every last detail is to your specifications, coordinate your wedding party, and the events of the evening - When you have driven off to begin your happily ever after, we even take care of cleaning everything up.

What is the difference between an On-Site Coordinator and a Day-Of Coordinator?

  • In the simplest terms, an On-Site Coordinator works for the venue, a Day-Of Coordinator (DoC) works for you. But obviously it is more than that!  A DoC handles all of the details on your wedding day so you – and everyone you love – can enjoy your day.

If I have an On-Site Coordinator, do I really need a Day-Of Coordinator?

  • That depends – some venues have amazing On-Site Coordinators that will cater to your every need. But most venues only provide a person to open the door and lock up at the end of the evening – or perhaps they only supervise the catering staff or follow the timeline. Make sure you are clear which function your On-Site Coordinator will perform.

Will you travel?

  • Though we are located in Austin, Texas we are more than happy to travel anywhere a couple in love needs us. Rather than increase prices across the board, we decided to adopt a travel fee for locations requiring more than an hour travel time – usually a tank of gas or overnight accommodations depending on location.

What is an Officiant?

  • The Officiant is the person that performs the ceremony and can be secular or non-secular.

I don’t live in Austin – do I have to have a Travis County marriage license?

  • In the state of Texas, you can get your marriage license in any county in the state and be married in any county in the state. It is not specific to where the ceremony takes place. The license cannot be obtained more than 89 days and no less than 72 hours prior to the wedding.

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